Susannah Sweeney - Creative Producer
Ruth Weldon - Festival Coordinator
Melanie Selwood - Special Events Coordinator (Opening Event and Big Family Weekend)
Renee Fort - Education Officer
Kellie Nicol - Programming Coordinator
Lee Towton - Programming Assistant
Melissa Centofanti - GreenRoom Coordinator

Marketing & Communications
Gemma Coward - Marketing Executive (until Sep 2018)
Krystle Aunger - Marketing Coordinator
Annetta Koutsouridis - Marketing Coordinator
Simeon Nikolaidis - Marketing Assistant
Heather Poole - Communications Executive
Jennifer Salter - Publicity Executive
Molly Taylor - Publicity Coordinator
Joshua Osis - Graphic Designer

Teresa Whitehorn - Senior Development Executive
Clare Mansfield - Development Coordinator

Ralph Varricchio - BASS Senior Client Services Executive
Dale Menz - Database and Digital Projects Executive
Linda Mundy - Ticketing Infrastructure Executive
Dace Howard - Digital Content Officer

Patron Services
Kate Hagan - Operations Coordinator

Jane Rosetto - Head of Sound
Nathan Luscombe - Head of Lighting
 Phil Haddy - Head of Lighting
Martin Olesk - Head of Staging
Jane Baird - Production Coordinator (Opening Event and Big Family Weekend)

Ali Jones - Festival Designer
Sharyn Schell - Manager Arts Projects (inc. DreamBIG Children’s Festival), Department for Education

DreamBIG Teaching and Learning Resource Writers and Contributors
Michael Aquilina, Steve Bartholomew, Kym Bell, Janet Burrow, Gail Carragher, Pauline Carter,  Britt Chatburn, Michele Chigwidden, Carmel Dineen, Elizabeth Eland, Ruth Flaherty, Rosa Garcia, Valerie Harrold, Margot Hayter, Sue Jones, Susie Jones, Christine Keynes, Amanda Kimber, Margaret Lynch, Larissa Maher, Marika Marlow, Max Mastrosavas, Christine McKenzie, Kristen Morgan, Christine Narroway, Kylie Neagle, Marianne Norman, Sam O'Connell, Kerrin Rowlands, Sharyn Schell, Ann Shepherdson, Donna Shillingford, Bev White, Brenton Wilson, Claire Wood, and Linda Woolcock

We also acknowledge our wonderful DreamBIG volunteers, as well as the venue staff working on DreamBIG shows at venues throughout Adelaide and across the state.



A word from the festival’s Creative Producer…


See how the DreamBIG Children's Festival has changed throughout the years.