A word from the festival’s Creative Producer…

DreamBIG Children’s Festival 2019 is packed with inspiring, motivating experiences for young people. Our theme this year is People Together. In the words of Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” To work well together we must respect and enjoy our similarities and differences.

Our 2019 poster design encapsulates this year’s theme. The image is based on the original artwork by Addison Wilson, age 5, from Port Elliot Primary School, who won our School Poster Competition. Addison told us that the idea behind her colourful artwork was measurement. “I remember watching a movie at school about measurements and noticed everyone measures up different and they are different sizes, have different hair, different smiles, so I decided to draw a few people who are different to each other.” Addison’s artwork will appear on DreamBIG marketing materials and feature prominently at the event itself. Congratulations Addison!

One of this year’s focuses is empathy. It enables us to function in the world and we need to nurture it now more than ever. This year’s festival includes experiences to unite young people and expand their hearts and minds as they enter new worlds, trying on other people’s shoes. The 2019 festival is filled with dancing, dogs, gruffalos, robots, singing, birthdays, orchestras, fireflies, imagination, pandas, music, expeditions, opera, silent discos, writers, rice, a musical cubby town, and more!

Enjoy looking through this program and selecting things for your students and family. They deserve the best we can offer. And I’m confident you’ll enjoy yourself as well!

Susannah Sweeney
Creative Producer
DreamBIG Children’s Festival



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