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22 – 23 May 2021

Duration 30mins


Adelaide Festival Centre


Ages 5 and up


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11am & 1pm

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Australia | Workshop
By Xavier Beaubois

This workshop is designed for people of all ages to experience the fun and creativity of hand drumming on a selection of West African drums.  

Led by workshop facilitator Xavier Beaubois of the Amazing Drumming Monkeys, the focus in these workshops is on joy and self expression rather than the formal teaching of rhythms.  

About Xavier Beaubois

Xavier Beaubois is the creator and owner of the Amazing Drumming Monkeys puppet show, which has been touring and performing nationally and internationally for over 17 years.

Alongside performing with the “Monkey show”, Xavier has also led hundreds of drumming workshops at festivals, schools, social services groups, community classes and corporate applications.

Xavier has been playing and studying African drumming for over 25 years.  He is a skilled and energetic facilitator, who has a knack of getting everyone involved, and having fun.

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