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22 – 23 May 2021

Duration 80mins


Space Discovery Centre


Ages 10 and up


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22 May 2:30pm

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Australia | Workshop & Talk
By Australian Space Discovery Centre and Children's University Adelaide

Please note: this event is now sold out.

For tens of thousands of years Indigenous Australians have looked towards the sky. Today we continue to look from Earth to space, and from space to Earth.

This event will engage children and adults with eight Indigenous stories that inspire the Australian Space Agency logo, before then exploring the role of the Australian Space Discovery Centre in growing the future space workforce in Australia.

By 2030 there will be up to 30 000 Australians working in the space sector, and there are many more space-jobs out there than growing up to be an astronaut!

After the talk, design a constellation with Children’s University Adelaide, then take a look around the Australian Space Discovery Centre.

Children’s University members can bring Passports to Learning to receive a stamp for the duration of this event.




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