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22 – 23 May 2021

Duration 30mins


Festival Theatre Foyer


Ages 5 and up


Check back in April for details.

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Adelaide Premiere | Australia | Interactive Workshop
By Terrapin

Three tents. Three participants. Two minutes to draw, scribble or scrawl your contribution to an ever-changing monster projected in real time on a gigantic tower of LCD screens.

In this extra-special version of the classic game, everyone is invited to draw the head, legs or torso of a creature from their imaginations, each on individual screens.

Meanwhile, the newly-formed monster is revealed in awe-inspiring largeness – sometimes scary, sometimes comical – looming high up over the crowd. The possibilities are infinite!

Terrapin makes theatre quite unlike any other company Daily Review


Created by: Matt Daniels, Jonathon Oxlade and Sam Routledge
Director: Sam Routledge
Design: Jonathon Oxlade
Video and System Design: Matt Daniels
Photographic Textures: Ned Daniels
Tent and Costume Art: Tom O’Hern
Production Manager: Simon Rush


Image Credit: Peter Matthew

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