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19 – 29 May 2021

Duration 1hr


South Australian Museum


Ages 6 and up


Check back in April for details.


22 - 23 May between 10:15am - 4pm

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Adelaide Premiere | Australia | Workshop and Exhibition
By Kathy Holowko

What could life be like for animals – including human animals – living together in your city?

In different cities around the world, adaptations are already taking place to include animals and improve the quality of living in our urban ecosystems. These inspiring examples form the basis of a creative learning workshop where children work together to imagine and build their very own Wild City. Adding to the sculptural building blocks of a city, children explore ideas and create the habitat and infrastructure to welcome wild animals as citizens in their urban landscape.

The end result is a collaborative exhibition, on display in the South Australian Museum throughout DreamBIG 2021, that investigates environmental issues and inspires solutions.



Image Credit: DSC images - Artplay
This project was seeded by City of Melbourne through ArtPlay's New Ideas Lab