Welcome, Families!

DreamBIG Children’s Festival – created for, with, and by the children of SA – places its enthusiastic audience at the centre of fresh, inventive, and inspiring arts experiences.

The theme for DreamBIG 2021 was 'Be Curious'. We want our children to embrace the future with good communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills, compassion, curiosity, imagination, and creativity. Studies show that an arts-rich education is incredibly effective in developing these qualities.

The Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation brings people together for extraordinary arts experiences. The Foundation aims to showcase the best of the arts and bring their amazing benefits to every South Australian.

Sometimes financial or geographic circumstances present barriers to participation in the arts. The Foundation supports DreamBIG to remove these barriers and provide access to its performances and programs either for free or at a greatly discounted rate. These programs target Category 1 – 4 Schools, as these are the children who are least likely to have the opportunity to experience the wonder and magic of live performance.

Assisted by donations, these programs impact thousands of children each year, providing life-changing experiences, and nurturing our talents of the future.

Your donation will help us remove barriers, giving young people extraordinary arts experiences, regardless of circumstance, while securing a vibrant arts future for SA.


For more information or to discuss your contribution, please contact Abbie Taylor, Philanthropy Manager abbie.taylor@adelaidefestivalcentre.com.au or call on (08) 8216 8826.